Social Marketing – 02 11 09 LinkedIn, StumbleUpon

So! Let’s go. This is one artisan jeweller who is making an enormous effort to focus on business.  Why do artisans seem so scatterbrained? Our minds are whirling around like a Whirling  Dervish, with wonderful and beautiful ~ beautiful to this artisan ~ ideas for things to make.

When you look at a tree, do you ask yourself how you could render the tree in your favourite techniques? If I use this bead colour for the leaves and these triangle beads for the trunk of the tree and something pretty in pink around the trunk for those pretty pink flowers, I can do it all as a Dorset Button!

That takes brain space so business stuff ~ the left side of your brain is the logical side ~ gets pushed around to allow more space for all the artsy stuff.  The artsy stuff on the left side of the brain is manipulating my great ideas within a defined space: that is the logical part of the artsy stuff.

With all that going on, is it any wonder that the business acumen suffers so much in the brain of the artisan jewellery designer and manufacturer!?

But today I’ve promised myself I’ll focus on business. Today I am filling out my LinkedIn profile. And, if there is time, I’m moving on to do the same stuff, I mean business, on my StumbleUpon profile.

If there is still time, I’ll be investigating ‘ning’ accounts vs. Blogger vs WordPress for my brand new group, Love Beads. That’s all about beads. I really want to keep this group, still in its infancy, vibrant and a place to go for bead works.

I think I have my work cut out for me. I may be logical and have business skills ~ some skills but not a lot of them. I may be able to reason out a problem put before me.  I may be able to identify what needs doing next. But all that is shoved back to make room for  designing, creating, making and embellishing with glass beads.

Even this post has a better reason than just listening to my thoughts: it is the way I can link with LinkedIn. This is an experiment and I hope it works.

Go to and see if there’s a link to BaubleBabble’s WordPress account.

PS  IT WORKED!! My WordPress post shows up in my LinkedIn profile.  YIPPEE!!