Marketing My Artisan Jewellery Business

“How to Stop Social Media Taking Over Your Day

  • ONLY SHARE WHAT IS SAFE TO SHARE – Once you connect to people outside your close friends and family you need to restrict the information you place in these networks. If in doubt, keep it to yourself.
  • Observe before following.
  • If people are taking too much of your time, drop them, and do not feel any guilt about it. There are no rules that say you have to follow everyone who follows you!
  • Pick your venues and do not try to be active in all of them.
  • Do not take part in time-wasting activities, such as quizzes and zombie games.
  • Set Social Media time and log off when that time is over.
  • Grow your network selectively and steadily – Learn how much activity you can manage.
  • Use tools where appropriate.

Turn off beeps and popup message alerts, they just take you away from work. In my case using TweetDeck has helped me a great deal (when the thing doesn’t freeze on me) because it puts front and center the most important stuff while keeping less priority stuff accessible.”    ~excerpt from

There’s more where that came from but I’ll let you go through it yourself.

There are a bazzzillion companies out there, at least it feels like a bazzzillion, selling you stuff you can do for FREE.  I agree that, if you can afford it, they will bring the job back on time and within budget. But you need to know so much just to pick the successful candidate company. And you run the risk of being taken for a ride you can’t afford.

That has been my bete noire: I trusted the wrong people and I’m in the hole now. It’s a deep hole, too.

I subscribe to the philosophy of  the Renaissance Wo/Man:  be the expert of only one thing:   knowing where you can get the answers to your questions. That will make you an expert of everything.

The answer? Here are my do’s and don’ts:

Do the research yourself.  Hunt up as many forums on the subject and ask questions. Check out Google Asks and Yahoo Asks.

Do ask questions.

Do as much as you can yourself.

My Biggest DO? DO use the common sense you were given at birth.

Don’t  hire the first company that reaches you.

Don’t believe that only they can do things you are perfectly capable of doing yourself.

There is so much to know that it is easy to become frozen, not knowing where you should take your first step.  It can be overwhelming. Each evening, before closing down for the day, decide what your goal for tomorrow will be.  Scribble a quick reminder on your computer so you can get to work on that goal even before you finish your first coffee.  

Now, focus on that one thing.  There will be lots of things to distract you but always come back to that one goal. If achieving that goal will take several days, then stick with that goal until it is completed.

Send yourself a ‘status report’ at the end of each business day. Read it the next morning while wearing your ‘CEO Hat.’ 

Stay Focussed.


Around Town – Gift Giving and Your Budget

It’s that crazy time of year again when people forget their manners and spend way too much money. The buying of gifts at Christmas is meant to follow in the footsteps of the 3 Magi who brought gifts precious gifts to the baby, Jesus.

What’s so bad this year is the economy. Both Canada and the USA are facing elections and the economy is on everybody’s mind. What can we do to help our own financial situation? Go into this shopping season with a plan. A budget. Sit quietly in your own home and think of each person who will receive a gift from you. Armed with this planning and your budget, attend the Crafts Shows in your area. Wherever possible, buy something made by an artist’s hand: these are the gifts people cherish year after year. How many years have you hung that horrid paper chain your child made in preschool?

Now, about the budget! Following is the plan format I follow. Print off a few copies. Send them to your friends. They need this plan as much as you and I need it.


Christmas 2008











Miscellaneous: Show Entry



Parking / Transit



Rentals:   Wheelchair



Coat Check



Dinner after the Show



Office Gift



Unexpected Guest





























































































Now you are armed, strengthened by your plan. Where is the best place to get all these things on the list?

Artists and artisans hope to make you a happy customer at the Christmas Crafts Shows. Supporting a local artist is a great way to spend your gift money. Artisan jewellery helps span the distance between junque and precious gems and precious metals. A good piece of artisan jewellery is something you will be pleased to pass down through the coming generations.

‘Give a fish to a starving person and s/he will eat for a day. Teach her/him to fish and s/he will eat for his/her lifetime.’ We’ve all heard that bit of wisdom but how can you do that in a gift?

Purchase gifts that are patterns for the receiver of your gift to make. Buy a video teaching techniques. This gift may be the start of a lifelong passion: perhaps, even a career.

Do you have any ideas about what would make a good yet inexpensive gift? Let me know and I’ll publish it in the next Glass Bead News monthly email newsletter.