ON Getting Sociable

Social Marketing and Artisan Jewellery! What a mix!

I make artisan jewellery, wearable art of glass beads. I think up the designs myself although I admit to being inspired by other artisan jewellery makers among other things. I’ve just added my name to SRAJD (Self Representing Art Jewellery Designers) whose goal is to band together the designers of jewellery, not necessarily the makers, in an attempt to take away sweatshops in 3rd world countries.

So, how is that social? I am a member of a community of jewellery designers. We promote one another through our blogs and our twittering and all the rest.

And that is social marketing. Word of Mouth is the best way to get faithful clients. Word of Mouth travels fast if your ‘stuff’ is good and even faster if somebody is unhappy with you. But we don’t have a ‘mouth’ on the internet. So we type.

We tell people about what we’ve found: that’s the ‘check this out’ tell a friend option you see on many etail shoppes. That’s social marketing.

We add a link to an awesomesite or a valuable piece of information when we Twitter. And ReTwitter. And CheapTweets. And …. you get the picture. Just a short and sweet pointer to another site.

My mother’s Auntie Pearl used to say, ‘never put in writing what you don’t want on the front page of the paper.’ It is just as valid a point today as when it was said in the early years of the 20th century. But today that piece of advice can be amended to say, ‘never put in writing what you don’t want on the front page of the paper or floating in cyberspace.’

The internet takes what you give it and VERY quickly it’s everywhere: the speed at which it does that is breathtaking.

I’m hunting up information about social maketing: did you know it’s also called ‘viral’ marketing and ‘organic’ marketing! As I discover stuff, I’ll link to it so you can see it, too.

And just by publishing this article I will be using a social marketing technique.

That’s how this Artisan Jewellery Designer got sociable.


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