Tools #1

I try to stay away from Swarovksi crystal, I do have some but it’s so sparkly that other, equally deserving beads can’t be seen.  This time, though, I was looking for tools.  Did you know Swarovski sold tools?  The selection is limited:  after all, their BLING is why they exist.

Swarovski's ugly little ring making pliers

Swarovski's ugly little ring making pliers

I found the all time neatest tool.  The people at Swarovski call it an ugly tool and it is that.  It won’t fit any glass slipper but it does the trick.

Four days after the pliers arrived in the post, I got the latest BeadAndButton magazine, my August 2008 edition.  Well, wouldn’t you just know it would happen??!

Wire Looping Pliers

Wire Looping Pliers

I found the same tool, only a whole lot prettier, sold by Beadalon.

I wish I had known that this pair of pliers existed a long time ago.  I have been clenching my jaw, tensing my shoulders, and generally not enjoying making loops because I had so much trouble with the combination of my hands and normal pliers. 

I feel rejuvinated.  I, too, can make round eyes and rings and all kinds of things circular.

Oh, just one small thing.  I do not work for Swarovski or Beadalon and neither party is paying me for this endorsement.  I simply like the tool and anything that can make things easier needs to be shared.  I like that.

Visit your FLBS (Favourite Local Bead Shop) to get a closer look at this handy gadget.  The people there almost certainly will let you ‘test drive’ this tool.  I don’t know how much it will cost you but if you are doing a lot of jump rings or eyepins or doing a bead rosary, this tool will make your job a whole lot more fun.

What tools do you consider important to making glass bead jewelry?  Have you got a positively ugly tool to tell us about? 

… -Helene