Thank You

I am back from the Show and beginning to scribble down my thoughts. Top of the list is to thank all of you who visited our booth ~Glass0Beads~ and shared their jewellery and their lives with us.

And for those who have taken the time to visit me here and leave their comments ~ thank you.

I have a new interview lined up and that means you need to check back to read it. The person? Meagan Shaughnessy. The reason? She is in the midst of a major shift in her approach to life and her artistic direction. A delightful young lady, I met her at the Show. Thanks, Meagan, for meeting me there: I appreciate it.

And I have a new bridal commission. Thanks Sarah. It’s her mother’s fault that Sarah came to me: thanks Jessie.

To the other artisan jewellers and bead makers who shared their experiences and information with me: THANK YOU. That’s a biggie because the education was free and with no strings attached. I was looked after, watched out for, shared and cared for.

We had a wee elf in our booth going by the name of Vanessa. A young whipper-snapper with all the exuberance and capabilities of the young. She brought me down to reality: I really am not as young as I think. But that’s not her fault, you understand: it’s mine for thinking I was still young. She taught me some functions of my camera that I didn’t know it has. And she took some of my pictures. Pretty good, don’t you think!? She was a delightful booth mate and a house guest that wasn’t noisy. Thanks Vanessa for everything.

The kits by Joannlx at were offered at our booth. Thanks Joann for trusting me.

Will I do it again? You bet. In a heartbeat. My next show is in May and I’ll be volunteering there. Learning should never stop: if it does, you’re dead. And volunteering will give me the lessons at no charge.

That show? Toronto Bead Society’s Spring Bead Fair on Saturday, May 2, 2009 at Toronto’s YMCA, 20 Grosvenor Street (west of Yonge). It runs 10am to 5pm. This show is just like  the Bead Oasis Show but on a much smaller scale. You won’t regret your visit.


FLASH – My Christmas Gift

I got my Christmas present early this year. And it’s just what I wanted.

In September this year I joined a directory of shops where only handmade items could be listed. My shop is Glass0Beads~- the 0 is a number, not a letter o. I added some of my glass bead artisan jewellery on the site. But it went nowhere. It just sat. I had no idea what to do.

Well, I joined a ‘team’ at Etsy but I was very unhappy there: it seemed to have too many backbiters and I didn’t want to be associated with that kind of team.

Then I found THE TEAM to beat all teams. It is a team, or guild, that supports one another while utilizing social marketing practices. You know the kind of thing: I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine.

Well, still nothing was happening. I had no clue about how to get somebody to buy something – ANYTHING!!

I received some tips on photography from a lovely lady, Anna Lee, at Gahoole Tree.  She was supportive, not what I would consider bossy ~ and I know bossy ~ and patient with my efforts.

Here comes the Christmas present part. Are you ready?

I was invited to work on the management team for this wonderful guild. It has a team shop where monies from your purchases are donated. And the people there advertise not just themselves but other members, too.

I suddenly found myself on Twitter talking about other sites I’ve found that would be of interest to folks. I suddenly found myself with followers. I suddenly found myself actively seeking the work of other team members to twitter about.

And suddenly I found myself  having fun. And it’s been a long time since I’ve had fun. I feel ten feet tall. I was given the task of editing everything the eSMArts Guild team will publish.  That brought me crashing to the earth ~~ in a good way.

My first task is to develop a mailing list of all our team members. And then to invite some of the guild members to write an article.

I sure hope this post will publish: I’ve got a lot of links to other shops in Etsy that really are worth looking at.

And I even have an idea for an opening article myself. As we don’t have a name for our new eSMArts newsletter, we will be running a contest and the winner will receive a gift worth $20.00 (cannot be converted to cash).

We have some really good times ahead of us on the team. There are guidelines to follow that will help anybody, eSMArtie or not, move up the ranks and start making sales. Of course, as with anything, you get out of it what you put into it: no work, no glory.

You and your Etsy shop can become a member of eSMArts by sending an email to the Guild team coordinator ~~> she’s the Big Cheese but her friends call her Anna Lee.

You won’t get anywhere if you don’t take that first step. And you certainly reap what you sow ~ toot the horn for somebody else’s site and pretty soon people will be tooting your horn for you. And if enough people do it, pretty soon your business is going to increase.

Well, that’s what I think.    ~Helene    ~Glass0Beads

I am red faced. I accidently linked to a site that is not a part of the eSMArts Guild team. I’ve made the correction, and thanks for bringing it to my attention, so if you click on one of the links you should be reaching eSMArts members.  I’ve even put me in there a couple of times. Shameless!    ~~H

Lampwork and Beads

Depressed? or happy?

Last week my ties with Stores OnLine, my Lampwork and Beads glass bead artisan jewellery website host, were severed.

What I know now is significantly more than what I knew when I first signed on with Stores OnLine. I had found Stores OnLine lacking more and more as time went on. It’s only my opinion and other webmaestros will argue the point with me. And that is as it should be.

For me, it was time to move on.

Now, my lineup is: (#0), (#o), and this blog,  I visit several forums and I still write articles at eHow and Articles Base, too.

The artisan jewellery that was listed at Lampwork and Beads is gradually being moved to my Glass0Beads (#0, not letter) e-shoppe.
It is at Etsy that I am a member of the eSMArts Guild team. The membershipof this  Guild is  Social Marketing Artisans.

And it is this Guild that opened the doors on our Etsy shoppe a short while ago. The eSMArts shoppe  donates money from sales to people and organizations needing a helping hand.

When I review my activities I realize I have quite enough on my plate for now.  I think I’ll just rest on my laurels until after Christmas : kind of a Christmas gift to me from myself.

Now go and check out the eSMArts shoppe:  everything there is made by hand with close attention to the quality of the articles. There is much more there than glass bead artisan jewellery and everything is unique and handmade.

Merry Merry and Cheery Cheery ~~Hélène  at Glass 0 Beads

Great News – About Playing for Change

I promised myself I would write something in each of my blogs before I opened any of my e-mails. As always, I opened my emails first. But this time I’m glad I followed my usual pattern of morning coffee and emails. This time I found an email from ‘Playing for Change.’

That’s one of the charities I subscribe to: building peace through music. They are almost ready to open their first music school/recording studio: the Ntonga Music School in the township of Gugulethu, South Africa. 

Why have I chosen to follow this foundation instead of so many other worthy causes? Because I am a failed music student: I studied piano for about 15 years and came away hating the piano. Even today, I choose classical music that is distinctly non-piano. But the experience did give me a love of good music. That’s what is so wonderful: there are all kinds of good music. And these music schools teach good music.

There is music in all of us ~ we just need a way to express it. I have chosen to express my music through needlework and artisan jewellery. Playing for Change does it through music. It offers a safe environment and the tools (education, instruments, recording equipment) to produce the music. While developing the distinct style of each area, it is offering an alternative to bloody war, sectarianism and hatred. Indeed, this group, Playing for Change, is making a difference in the world. It is making this world a better place in which to live.

At least, that’s what I think.

Great News – eSMArties

There’s a new shop in town: the Etsy eSMArts boutique of hand crafted items.

Memory wire embellished with hearts, glass beads, and coiled wire beads: this is my first offering in a new shop at the eSMArts Boutique.

At the Etsy gallery, where everything is handcrafted, a new boutique can be found. It is offered to the shopping public as a place where you can find quality items made by hand. It does not offer home made: items of artistic, handcrafted artisan work are for sale.  Think of it as a Gallery Boutique. It is worth a visit: the products in this store vary widely.

Pictured above is a unique bracelet whose design rose from a fight with memory wire.  I finally conceded that a cuff bracelet would have to be made with something other than memory wire. I threw my cuff bracelet failure onto my work bench and a couple of days later picked it up again.

It had become a cuff bracelet with a difference. The manner in which the memory wire end curl around each other makes this piece of artisan jewellery a one of a kind cuff bracelet.

And it’s official: this is my version of a cuff bracelet. It’s all mine. It is unique to me. The failure has been elevated from a despised failure to a place of honour:

GREAT NEWS – Almost Spring Toronto Bead Oasis Show, 2009

Okay. It’s official. I AM EXCITED!!   Excited !!!I picked out my booth at the ‘Almost Spring’ Toronto Bead Show, 2009.

I am planning and researching and building up inventory and … The list goes on.

This is my ‘Almost First’ show. I want to learn from others’ experiences as much as I can first.  Has anybody got valuable Helpful Hints for me?

I will go on to write my own brand of horror stories later. Those I will share with you.


Look for me at the Almost Spring Toronto Bead Oasis Show.

I want to sell some of my glass bead artisan jewellery designs. And some of my own jewellery. And even a small supply of components.

And I want to visit with the other vendors and with you.

There are classes to sign up for; taught by experienced and inspiring teachers.

Look for me in room 206, Booth 27. That’s to the left of the Bead Oasis Show Admissions Desk at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Front Street; a block west from Union Station, and right across the street from the CBC Building.

Great News – Play for Change

A ‘busker’ is a street performer, paid in nickels and dimes. They ‘play for change.’

Change: noun, alteration; substitution of one for another (from Oxford English Dictionary).

I was listening to Bill Moyers Journal today, Sunday, October 26, 2008. I was entertained by James K Galbraith, author of The Predator State. How a propos to today’s monetary crisis.

Following that interview came Mark Johnson, the creator of Play for Change. He’s been working for at least 10 years on the idea that the world peoples can be united together through Music. The idea came to him in a New York subway station when he observed how the music of a pair of monks, buskers, affected the crowds hurrying to work.

“I think music is the one thing that opens the door to bringing people to a place where they are all connected,” Mark observed.

As they say, the rest is history. Mark travelled the world and recorded and filmed musicians of varied music styles singing the same songs. The magic is in the editing. It is a round robin of sound, solos and chorales. And it is truly magic. He knew that music soothes the savage beast: and the savage beast is us.

 “I think that in order to really unite people, you know, we have to show that in our darkest situations and in the places with the most struggles in the world, that we can find a way of uplifting each other out of it. I remember hearing somebody that said, you know, ‘The last person who knew why we were fighting died a long time ago.’ ” – Mark Johnson

“With Playing for Change, my ultimate thing would be that people understand that in a world with all this division, it’s important for us to focus on our connections. ” – Mark Johnson

Fear lives in the dark. ‘Know thy neighbour’ takes away fear. And, through music, light comes into our lives and vanquishes fear.

‘Let’s get together and feel alright.’

It’s a worthy goal, albeit a monumentous task. 

Ask yourself, ‘what can I do?’

Look within to learn how you can help. Look outside yourself and, with self-knowledge, choose where you can help. Finally, help.

The good you do will inspire others to do the same. It matters not how you dispel fear. It matters only that you do.

Well, that’s what I think.   Helene