Thank You

I am back from the Show and beginning to scribble down my thoughts. Top of the list is to thank all of you who visited our booth ~Glass0Beads~ and shared their jewellery and their lives with us.

And for those who have taken the time to visit me here and leave their comments ~ thank you.

I have a new interview lined up and that means you need to check back to read it. The person? Meagan Shaughnessy. The reason? She is in the midst of a major shift in her approach to life and her artistic direction. A delightful young lady, I met her at the Show. Thanks, Meagan, for meeting me there: I appreciate it.

And I have a new bridal commission. Thanks Sarah. It’s her mother’s fault that Sarah came to me: thanks Jessie.

To the other artisan jewellers and bead makers who shared their experiences and information with me: THANK YOU. That’s a biggie because the education was free and with no strings attached. I was looked after, watched out for, shared and cared for.

We had a wee elf in our booth going by the name of Vanessa. A young whipper-snapper with all the exuberance and capabilities of the young. She brought me down to reality: I really am not as young as I think. But that’s not her fault, you understand: it’s mine for thinking I was still young. She taught me some functions of my camera that I didn’t know it has. And she took some of my pictures. Pretty good, don’t you think!? She was a delightful booth mate and a house guest that wasn’t noisy. Thanks Vanessa for everything.

The kits by Joannlx at were offered at our booth. Thanks Joann for trusting me.

Will I do it again? You bet. In a heartbeat. My next show is in May and I’ll be volunteering there. Learning should never stop: if it does, you’re dead. And volunteering will give me the lessons at no charge.

That show? Toronto Bead Society’s Spring Bead Fair on Saturday, May 2, 2009 at Toronto’s YMCA, 20 Grosvenor Street (west of Yonge). It runs 10am to 5pm. This show is just likeĀ  the Bead Oasis Show but on a much smaller scale. You won’t regret your visit.