Notes to Self: Music Hath Power …

I spent a thoroughly enjoyable evening last night. On our Bravo channel was 2 hours of song and dance by the Soweto Gospel Choir. I loved it! The performance celebrated the 10th anniversary of democracy, the downfall of apartheid, in South Africa.

The harmonies and dissonances sound different to our western ears and yet it was not jarring in any way.

The choir’s costumes were as rich in colour and shape and BEADS as the music was. The dancers left me feeling breathless, yet they were able to sing without breathlessness. Now, that’s what I call conditionning. These ladies and gentlemen were physically fit.

The audience, made up of all races, ages and, I assume, of many religions, sitting all together, was appreciative of the performers from South Africa.

At the end of the performance the entire hall rose and sang, hand on heart, the South African national anthem.

‘Music hath power to soothe the savage beast.’  In China, I believe, the word for ‘music’ and ‘friend’  rise from the same root.  In music, it is very hard to stay angry with others.

It’s important for you to know about a charity, Playing for Change, that is building schools in many poor nations to teach children their ABC’s and their Do Re Mi’s. The school is fully equipped with instruments and recording equipment and teachers and enthusiastic students.

As with all charities, it seems never to have enough: not enough labourers to build the schools, not enough teachers, not enough money, not enough of everything to spread the word.

I offer some items of wearable art artisan jewellery for sale; the funds are sent to Playing for Change. And I can lift up my voice ~ not in song, I wouldn’t inflict anybody with my ‘song.’ But in writing posts on my blogs to get the word out is a way to spread the work.

Go to  Support them in any way you can. As you give, so will it be given unto you. There is always somebody worse off.

Well, that’s my opinion

Helene, Glass0Beads ~Glass #0 Beads~


‘Knowledge is Power.’

‘Knowledge is Power.’ Important for artisan jewellery designers, or people who make glass jewellery as a hobby, the more you know the better you’ll do.  The more experience you have the better you’ll do.

Focus for the Day:  Well, today’s focus is on social marketing. I am researching organic marketing (that, by any other name is social marketing) online. I found an article about getting noticed. 

I found it on  a site offering jewellery lessons and articles. Sign up on this site is FREE. I love things that are FREE.

Well, anyway, on this free site I found an article by BobbiWired about getting all your hard work noticed. She has a great long list of sites on which to post, some better than others, and she makes the point that you don’t just set up a tiny account: you link every single site you have to each and every one of the viral marketing (ANOTHER name for Social Marketing) sites. It grows, like a virus only much nicer, ergo Viral Marketing.

The article is organic marketing because it is geared to us, the everyday garden variety people, by everyday garden variety people.

And the comments! Worth reading by the way, because questions are asked and answered and new leads are offered at no cost. That’s people being sociable.

Read, learn, monitor, and you can be more successful with your artisan jewellery sales.