Notes to Self – #5 – Updates

I had a lovely email from Niki.Tasha waiting in my inbox this morning. She has a niece who had an accident a month or so ago and she has had complications in healing. The family is surrounding her and, I am sure, applying quanitities of love and affection and prayers. And because of the downturn in her niece’s health, Niki.Tasha has been unable to carry on with the Apprenticeship. Officially it was terminated this morning.

However, the lessons are there for anybody who wants to learn about beading and designing. If you have questions or observations, then, please feel free to step in and ask.

There is such a word as ‘lurker’ applied to people who read the posts but do not enter the conversations. To me, that word makes me think of ‘stalker’ and that has a very unpleasant and even dangerous connotation.

 I prefer ‘browser’. When you enter a store, just killing time or even familiarizing yourself with the what the store has to offer, you are usually greeted with, “may I help you?” And you answer, ‘no, I’m just browsing.’ 

So, browse to your heart’s delight. And when you see something you like or don’t understand or have additional information to share, then Step Right Up! Let yourself be HEARD.  Add a comment.

That’s what I think … Helene


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