Niki.Tasha Lesson 2 – The Goods

Let’s get started, Niki.  Tools and supplies you will need:

Beeswax or Thread Heaven which is a waxy substance that conditions the threadin a similar way to beeswax –

Needles – I’ll explain what you want in the following posts.

Needle Threader – How good are your eyes? How steady are your hands?  My eyes are still pretty good for the upclose work but my hands shake quite a bit.  I use a needle threader put out by Clover (

Thimble – I don’t use one but you may feel more comfortable using one –

Dish to hold beads – if you paint with watercolours you will probably have a plastic or china palette with indentations for different colours to mix with water.  I have used an escargot plate and a condiment dish because they, too, have indentations to keep my beads separate.  Today I prefer a shallow dish that has sloping sides and is perfectly smooth on its insides.  Look around the house and pick something you already have:  now is not the time to get you spending your hard earned money for something you already have.

Scissors – embroidery scissors are small, sharp and with very fine points – the size of the points is important because you want to get almost right into the beads to cut off extra thread tails.

Thread, any colour – should be cotton or specific bead thread that is nylon – the thread should ‘go’ with the beads you choose.  That is:  If you are using gold or red beads, get yourself some orange thread, if you are getting blue or silver beads, get silver or grey colour thread.  I have cones of black and white thread and use them the most.

Beads – Japanese Delica or Toho 11/o size beads.  These beads are truly marvellous:  they are cylinder-shape and uniform in size and shape.  In Canada, these beads are usually sold in 7.5g tubes.  Let’s get 3 different colours and colour values.  The colours you buy MUST BE colours you like.  See  a following post for the tutorial on colour/hue and values.

Project box – this is something you already have on hand.  Until you are absolutely sure you want to continue with bead jewellery, use something you’ve got lying around the house.  I have a metal chocolate box, a metal cookie box, a woven basket with lid.  I also have some beautifully made Amish Shaker boxes.  I love having beautiful designs around me when I am trying to make something beautiful.  At one time I had a couple of small lunch boxes.  If you have Tupperware or something like it where you are, the medium size also makes a good box.  { Tupperware is  a see-through plastic food storage system. ]  Make sure it allows enough room to hold your tools and your beading project.

I tried to scan some of the tools mentioned about but it was poor quality so I didn’t include it.

Okay, Niki, this will give you the most basic beading requirements.  Read the next posts about needles and colours.  Then I’ll give you the pattern with which we will be beading.  Please read through these 3 posts and get yourself a copy of the pattern before you head out to make your purchases.

© 2008 HelenE Turnbull

All rights reserved.  No part of this lesson may be produced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by an additional storage or retrieval system, without the written permission of Savoir Vivre.


One Response

  1. Dear Helen

    At the outset it seems like the basic list of tools to purchase are trivial. But I there are some subtle points to take care of when you make the purchases especially for beading, for example the points of the scissors as you have mentioned, the color of the threads and beads etc…So I will keep my imagination working while I select and make the purchases

    So here I go in search of a store to purchase from…


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