Fashion vs Costume Jewelry

Thanks for the vote of confidence:  I always like to hear I’ve done well.  I struggle with these 2 words: fashion, costume.  Does my e-jewelry store offer 1 or the other?  I think maybe I sell both:  the simple glass bead jewelry would be the fashion jewelry – not as expensive and certainly not as GORGEOUS as the pieces with special lampwork and glass beads or more complicated designs. 

I have been buying my very special glass beads from local artists and going from there.  It certainly is more costly to make glass jewelry with them but I think it is worth the extra expense.  I support them and their work supports me.  Seems like a good idea!

Now, how would you define ‘artisan jewelry?’  Is it fashion or costume jewelry?  It often is more expensive than the basic glass bead jewelry because the glass bead components are unique.  One of a kind glass jewelry fits within the costume jewelry definition.

Sometimes I feel like I have a split personality because my glass beaded jewelry embodies both definitions.  How do I market?  Do I concentrate to the high end trade or stick to the off the rack trade.

Any opinions?